"HisWay has been a great experience for our family"

Brooke Speulstra, HisWay member since 2012
A Christian Worldview
Your child will learn why the Bible can be trusted as the infallible Word of God and be taught academics from that perspective.
A Full K-12 Academic Program
Take comfort in knowing HisWay’s program meets the core academic requirements for Maryland home education.
Classroom Experience
Familiarize your child to a classroom setting with tutor-led instruction, homework, presentations and graded exams.
Christian Community
A built-in social group with field trips, casual gatherings and ministry opportunities can help your child form lasting frienships.

How It Works

A typical week at HisWay
Classes Meet 2 Days a Week
Full classroom days are held on Mondays and Wednesdays, from September to May, at Northwest Baptist Church in Reisterstown.
Homework Assigned 3 Days a Week
Tutors assign work to be completed at home on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We make it easy for you to access assignments online.
There's room for family activities
For K-8, only Math and Literature reading homework are assigned on Fridays. This gives you a day for other pursuits such as music lessons, sports or field trips.
All student work is graded
Tutors grade all homework assignments, tests, papers, projects and presentations. Each student receives a quarterly progress report.

What Sets HisWay Apart?

We do some things differently than the traditional homeschool co-op.

A full academic program for Maryland

Other homeschool co-ops in our area offer a revolving menu of class options, which include some academic choices as well as some fun, elective options. At HisWay we offer all of the core academic classes that Maryland requires.

More Frequent Instruction Time

Most co-ops meet one day a week. HisWay meets twice a week, so classroom instruction is more frequent, and students don’t have four or five days of homework between in-class instruction.

Integrated Curricula

Because we conduct a full academic program at HisWay, we are able to integrate our subjects in a way that piece-meal programs cannot. Our writing and science teachers collaborate on research papers. Our writing, history and literature programs intersect. Our students memorize poems in their grammar programs that fit with the time periods they are studying in history class. Where possible, we coordinate field trips that correspond to what the students are learning across several subject areas.

Family Participation

Many co-ops are essentially drop-off programs. At HisWay, our families cooperate in the instruction of our children. While parents do not have to stay on site all day on class days, they are present on campus for at least two hours each Monday and Wednesday. We feel this helps keep all of us in the homeschooling mindset, as well as allowing us to build closer relationship with our children, other tutors, and families.

Flexible High School Program

Many co-ops do not offer a high school program, or, if they do, offer only a limited selection of high school classes. At HisWay, we offer a full high school program including all of the core classes and a rotating selection of electives. However, we also offer the opportunity to pick and choose from our high school classes as drop-in students.

Science Labs

Oftentimes, co-ops would love to be able to conduct labs and experiments in their classrooms but are housed in facilities that don’t allow it. Northwest Baptist Church allows HisWay to conduct labs, experiments, and dissection in their classrooms, providing our students with full laboratory science experience.

Lower Cost

Our policy of requiring our families to tutor classes enables us to keep our tuition rates at a fraction of what other full-program co-ops charge.

What Our Members Say

What real parents and students have said about HisWay.

What's My Investment?

Every member family of HisWay helps with teaching and support to make the co-op work.
Tutor a Class
Families provide at least one parent to tutor a class on Mondays and Wednesdays, also allowing time during the week for class preparation and grading.
Instruct at Home
Parents are expected to work with their children on homework days, allowing them adequate time and providing the necessary resources to do school work.
Buy Textbooks
Families are responsible for purchasing the textbooks and curricula that their students will need for their respective classes.
Maintain Records
Families register as homeschoolers in their county and/or work with a state-approved homeschool oversight organization. Families should keep track of graded work sent home to use at reviews.


The K-8 program is full time. High school students can either enroll full time or take single classes a la carte.

Full-time Students

Single Classes

K-8th Grade
  • Bible
  • Geography
  • History & Literature
  • Math & Science
  • Spelling & Writing
  • Spanish
High School
  • Bible
  • Electives
  • Great Books
  • Math
  • Science with Labs
  • Spanish
High School
Tutoring Option*
$105/starting rate
  • Bible FREE
  • Electives $105
  • Great Books $210
  • Math $168
  • Science with Lab $168
  • Spanish $158

*With the Tutoring Option, one parent chooses to tutor a class in the K-12 program. This family will pay a discounted fee for classes as listed above.

High School
Non-Tutoring Option*
$210/starting rate
  • Bible FREE
  • Electives $210
  • Great Books $420
  • Math $336
  • Science with Lab $336
  • Spanish $315

*With the Non-Tutoring Option, parents do not have to tutor a class at HisWay but pay a higher rate for a la carte classes.